Olivier Export

Olivier Export Pty Ltd is an Export Trading Company in Meat and Leather.  Our main exports are beef and sheep meat but we also offer an extensive range of game meats.  Our primary supply of meat is of Australian Origin.  We also offer lamb and beef from various different countries such as Argentina; Brazil; New Zealand and game meats from South Africa.  

Our leather Export division is focused on exotic leather and we offer some of the worlds best tanned Ostrich and Crocodile Leather.  Our suppliers of raw material are carefully selected for their quality control and highest farming techniques and we use only the best tanning technology in the world to offer the most exclusive and durable exotic leather possible.  We also export wet salted skins of goat; deer; ostrich and crocodile.   

Olivier Export Pty Ltd is privately owned Australian company and a family business with expertise in Agriculture over 8 generations.  We established ourselves in Australia in 1998 and have grown into an independent Trading Company.  We have a vast network of customers all over the world and have marketed and exhibited at Trade Fairs around the globe for many years.  We strive to supply our customers with the best quality goods at competitive prices at all times.  

Quality Assurance and on time delivery is of prime importance to us and this gives us a strong edge in a very competitive market.  Our hands on approach from source to market and complete dedication to detail provides our customers with peace of mind and quality assurance at all times.

Olivier Export Pty Ltd 

Suppliers of Premium Meat and Leather around the World



Managing Director: Liz Olivier 
Telephone: +61434443885

Advisory Director: Jéan Olivier
Telephone: +61429705547

53 Pulbah Street, Morisset 2264
NSW, Australia

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